44 Young People now graduated from secondary school through sponsorship
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Andy says "When I asked a teacher in a local school in 2010 if she had 2 children needing help to buy their equipment for school she said “2? I have lots more than 2!!” She insisted on giving me 3 to find sponsors for, including one who has 8 siblings and his mother is only 25 years old. She can barely afford to feed them, let alone buy them things for school"
The sponsorship program has grown from there and new needs are aways being found.


More than 190 children are now sponsored...


Children like Marcos whose mother suffers a mental illness and whose father is an OAP.  With several younger siblings, 10 year old Marcos works his weekends and holidays packing bananas to help feed the family.  Having a sponsor enables him to attend school so that he can learn a trade and climb out of poverty. 
Sponsorship is currently £120 per year per child. This buys the shoes, uniform and stationary they need to be able to attend classes. Sponsors receive bi-annual school reports and photos from their child. 
If you would like information about sponsoring a child contact




These young people now have jobs and professions that give them a living wage

The photo shows some of this year´s graduates being presented with a Bible each. 

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Sponsors who visit can meet their children - a wonderful experience for all involved! 

Each year we run a Christmas appeal to raise funds to provide a present for each of the 300 children in the local village schools.  For just £7 a child can receive a gift they will remember for ever.  For many this gift will be the only one they receive at Christmas.  "Today I saw an 8  year old girl cuddling a teddy bear we gave her 3 years ago, wrapped up in a blanket like a baby. These gifts are really treasured."  Andy comments. 

Christmas Appeals