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"It's not easy to put this book down. It offers a colourful, insightful portrait of one woman's determination to make a difference in her world, regardless of cost. If you've ever been bored by the word 'missionary', then think again. This is the fascinating, inspiring account of a true adventurer. You'll love this - unless you're a guinea pig".

Jeff Lucas, Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

This is the remarkable true story of a young British doctor who travels to humid, insect-infested Ecuador and sets up a village health centre and child sponsorship scheme. 

As you read this honest account you will laugh and cry with Andrea as she battles against endless bureaucracy and the confusion of living in an alien culture.  You will feel as though you have travelled to the village and met the friends she makes there.  You will find the Ecuadorean people touch your heart.    

Young, free and single, and dedicated to her mission, Andrea is certainly not expecting to encounter love.  Should she open her heart?  Or will doing so lead to an end of all her dreams? 

This is the unforgettable account of lives touched and changed by heartbreaking tragedy and the transforming power of God´s redeeming love.  The heart-stopping stories contained in this tapestry of despair and hope, loss and discovery will leave you inspired and challenged.

A Rich Tapestry of Tragedy, Hope and Love in Ecuador
By Andrea Gardiner

ISBN 978-1-78148-580-4
Published by
Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd
28-30 High Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3EL.

Guinea Pig For Breakfast

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Tamarita Rachel lives with her little sister Emily, her Mummy and her Papi among the banana plants in Ecuador. Join her as she goes on her adventures; discovering iguana eggs, visiting Indians, helping little boys go to school, housing, food and cutoms in a different country. There is never a dull moment in these lively tales which are particularly suited for 4 – 8 year olds. Children will learn about life in a different country, and the ways in which charities can help the poor. Read these magical tales aloud at home, school or Sunday school and enjoy them together.

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Guinea Pig For Breakfast

Recipe Book

Fancy trying something new and different? Want to learn more about another culture? This collection of tasty recipes from Ecuador is guaranteed to wet your appetite and widen your experience. And if you have ever wondered how the Andrean people cook guinea pig.... you can find out here.

GGuinea uinea

Guinea Pig for Brunch

This fascinating personal memoir, told from the perspective of a missionary doctor in Ecuador, explores what it means to love every day fully, to love those around you, and to embrace the trials life throws at you.  Dr. Andrea Gardiner once thought it was normal to expect a long, healthy, pain-free life.  Finding herself in a poverty-stricken country where, suddenly, life is far from easy and individuals must learn to love God in spite of their suffering, she begins an intriguing journey.  It is one that will leave you challenged and inspired. 


“Guinea Pig for Brunch delivers excellent insight into everyday living in Ecuador with the privations of poverty and danger laid alongside the simple faith and warmth of the individuals who come under Dr. Andrea Gardiner’s care.  Woven throughout, Andrea honestly shares her own questions and struggles as she brings up her daughters in a culture very different to that of her birth.  More than a missionary doctor story, this is rather an unfolding of one woman’s journey of trust and obedience to the God who called her to serve the suffering.  I heartily recommend Guinea Pig for Brunch, but beware – you will be challenged!”

Catherine Campbell, author of ‘Under the Rainbow’ and ‘God Knows Your Name’


“This is a remarkable book about 'grace under pressure' and the miracle working power of God to change lives in the midst of crisis.   It will stay with me for a long time....”
Jen Rees Larcombe, author



ISBN13-  978-1781488768

Grosvenor House Publishing


More Adventures of Tamarita Rachel


The second volume of stories about Tamarita Rachel and little sister Emily includes a visit to a volcanic lake, a trip to visit Inca ruins, the Day of the Dead and making Christmas special for the sponsored children. 


Further Adventures of Tamarita Rachel

The third volume of adventures includes a trip to the Galapagos Islands, the Rainforest, the equator and a butterfy farm.  The girls also learn why local school children need help with their hygiene and spectacles. 


These stories are ideal for reading aloud to 4 to 8 year olds.  They will help them understand and experience life in a different culture, and the work of missionaries.  Enjoy the journey:)